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All items are sold subject to the manufacturers guarantee. In most cases, unless otherwise stated this will be at least 12 months for new items and parts. Items or parts sold as used are not covered by any guarantee but can be returned for a refund if they are considered not as described.

The guarantee only covers the specific item or part, the guarantee does not cover any consequential losses or damage, personal or to property. Product guarantees only cover items for normal use, unless otherwise specified this guarantee does not cover professional or competition use or any part that is incorrectly fitted, damaged during fitting or abused in any way. Replacement parts are only guaranteed for normal road use, not for off-road / track use or competition use.

Any faulty item or part must be returned with details of the date of purchase and an invoice/packing number for inspection before a refund or replacement is offered.

Some items will need to be returned to the manufacturer for inspection before a refund or replacement is considered. The guarantee does not cover any freight charges; the buyer is responsible for any return postage or courier fees, see returns policy.

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